Planting of seed from seed

Planting of seed from seed

October 08

In most cases you will need years of practice to complete the bonsai preparation, so it is a hobby for high energy people. You can touch and prune it every two months. This improves growth. Trees and shrubs that require winter can be stored in the cold for 4 to 6 months. This gives the time needed for other things in life.

The large bonsai can be made from a newly grown stem, but the small bonsai should be made from seedlings or seed stems.

I have 10 bonsai at a time (12 to 20 cm high). Most of them are North American trees and I have come from seed or seedling. My oldest bonsai is a genie white pine, about 10 years old.

When I lost all my bonsai, I started making it from oak, maple and willow. By the time my bonsai went through the winter, the goat had killed them all. So keep pets and other animals away from your bonsai. That's why I grew my bonsai indoors.

The first stage of planting the seed: Seeding

Although I had broad-leaf bonsai, pine, cedar and other cones with small foliage remain for many years. So, I'm going to make a white pine bonsai from seed. Small needles and cones are suitable for a medium or large bonsai (25 cm or more). I'm going to keep it at a height of less than 25 cm.

This 2 year old plant is 5 cm high and shows growth. In the first year of growth there is only one stem, and at the end of the first year the stems grow and in the second year they grow 3 stems.

Since bonsai survives for many years, I have shown each cedar bonsai in the final step.

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Planting of seed from seed Select a tree

The second step of planting the seed: Seeding

Find the tree you love and find all the features you want in your bonsai. Collect mature brown cones that are not fully open from the tree. Green cones are immature and the seeds may be immature. In open cones, the seeds are also lost.

Apart from rainforests, many cone species are highly correlated with heat and white species are not significantly different. Like many pine trees, cedar trees need forest conditions to grow their seed.

These trees start producing cones when they reach 4.5 to 6 meters in height. Then, the small, green cones begin to grow in the spring and turn brown during the summer and fall. Mature cones are more like the skin of Armadillo. The cones protect the seeds from birds and stick to the tree for many years.

During forest fires, the heat causes the cone to open and then the seeds return to the ground to re-grow the next forest. I'm going to use this process to harvest the seeds. Put the cones in a pan and place them at 350 ° C. This temperature opens the cones to release the seeds.

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Planting of seed from seed Seed collection

The third step of planting seed from seed: Seeding

Since poplar cones are about the size of peanuts, rather than placing them on a hard surface, place a hand full of open cones in a jar and shake it to gather the seeds at the bottom.

Then I poured the contents of the glass into a bowl and removed the cones from the seeds.

Repeat this process until all the cone grains are empty, don't worry if the grains are large. Not all seeds germinate during planting and some seedlings die. You can clean the bran or straw and put the seeds in water. Do not use seeds that are submerged in water (seedlings grow side by side).

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Planting of seed from seed Seed separation

The fourth stage of seed germination: nurse cultivation

In the nurse cultivation, we place the seeds in the starting or starter trays. When the tree is planted, they are transplanted into a field and transferred to pots.

When planted this way, the root tips grow and produce secondary roots and absorb nutrients better. In the young tree the root tip can grow further. This makes wild stalks or nurses challenging because bonsai preparation needs to be chopped.

If you cut the root tip, it will take a long time to prepare the bonsai because you will eliminate the roots of the nourishing tree.

By cutting one-third to half of the tree's foliage, the least remaining foliage and roots do not require much nutrition. As a result, their growth is prevented.

Repeat this process several times until the root size reaches the required size for the pot.

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Planting of seed from seed Nurse cultivation

Step Five: Bonsai Seeding: Seed Surface Cultivation

I started with a shallow tray and placed the seeds at the bottom of the tray. Then, I put an inch of soil on top of it and added water. This causes the root tip to grow horizontally and the seedling stem to grow as well.

In this way, bonsai preparation is started from germination and no longer need to use root tip. Almost all the cut roots have secondary roots and can be used. If you want to learn how to make bonsai, you can use the smallest bonsai, poppy seed bonsai (2.5 to 7.5 cm bonsai height).

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Planting of seed from seed Surface cultivation of seeds

Stage Six: Seeding the Bensa: Pruning a Three-Year-Old Cedar Tree

I started making this cedar four years ago, two of which were close enough and they were similar. I'm going to plant them together to grow a perfect tree.

The tools I will use are hair care tools, nail cutters, long tweezers and a pair of nail scissors.

After removing the unwanted foliage, the trunk and root tip can be viewed horizontally.

At the last step, I attached the remaining leaves together to unite.

Planting of seed from seed Pruning a three-year-old cedar tree

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